Harbour Island is the Bahamas best kept secret.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q  How do I get from North Eleuthera Airport (ELH) to Harbour Island?

A  It's quick and easy. A 5 minute cab ride from the airport to the boat dock, approximately $5 per person, then a 5 minute "water taxi" ride, approximately $5 - $7 per person. Land and water taxis are always available. The water taxis usually run from around 6:00am thru 11pm. One Papa Grant (Frederick Grant) is the water taxi owner that operates after hours and can be contacted via cell phone at 242-359-7621.

Q  How do I get to Eleuthera?

A  Check out our travel page. If you're looking to get to Central or South Eleuthera, check out this Eleuthera travel page.

Q  How do I rent a car on Eleuthera? Who provides quality land taxi service on Eleuthera?

A  Eleuthera car rentals.

Q  Taxi Service on Harbour Island

Q  Can I preorder groceries? How about seafood, meat and produce?

A  Try Captain Bob's Seafood and Meat Market. Bob can make arrangements for delivery:  captainbobsmarketplace(at)gmail.com
or call 333-3628

Q  Are there gift shops and art galleries on the island?

A  Yes. A number of these shops are marked under the category of “shops” on our Harbour Island satellite map:

  • Bahamian Shells & Things 333-2839
  • Blue Rooster 333-2240
  • Miss Mae's 333-2002
  • Princess Street Gallery 333-2788
  • Shine Handmade Jewelry 333-3793
  • Island Treasures 333-2449
  • Androsia 333-2342
  • Dilly Dally 333-3109
  • Sugar Mill 333-3558
  • A&A Hidden Treasures 448-1556

Q  How about a good "local" contact for Harbour Island Bahamas bonefish and / or bottom fishing?

A  Try one of these. All numbers preceded by area code 242:

  • Stuart Cleare (bonefishing only) 332-2072 or 454-0148
  • Patrick Roberts (bonefishing only) 333-3014 or 422-9029
  • Vincent Cleare (bonefishing and bottom fishing) 333-2154
  • Jaron Roberts (bonefishing and bottom fishing) 553-5498

Q & A  Valentine's Dive Shop  333-2080

Q  Do I need a passport?

A  Bahamas Entry Requirements.

IMPORTANT!  U.S. Citizens should check the U.S. State Department's Alerts and Warnings for Bahamas for current passport requirements and other important travel notes.

Q  Can I use U.S. currency?

A  Yes. $1 US dollar equals $1 Bahamian dollar. You can use up your Bahamian change before departure. Expect some minimal surcharges for use of credit cards and traveler's checks. Most merchants do not take Discover or AMEX.

Q  Is there an ATM machine on Harbour Island?

A  There is an ATM inside the Royal Bank of Canada.

Q  How do I get married in the Bahamas?

Q  Who can I contact on Harbour Island regarding wedding, event planning, catering, etc.?

Q  We are bringing our baby with us. Can we find baby supplies and products on the island?

A  Yes. There is a specialty store on Harbour Island called “Baby Steps.” They sell or rent just about anything you would need for your baby. Visit their website for more information Baby Steps - Harbour Island.

Q  Can I bring my pet?

A  If it's over 6 months old. You need a permit. Details are in this PDF document: Bahamas Animal Import Requirements

Q  Are there any veterinary clinics in the Bahamas?

A  Locations and phone numbers can be found on this page Bahamas Travel Tips

Q  What about long distance?

A  Typically requires an Aliv card which can be purchased on the island - not exactly cheap either. Before you go on your trip, you can set up a discount calling plan or get a discount calling card and have your contact in the States call you rather than you call them. Or at least, you can call them for one minute and have them call you back.

Q  Are there special electricity requirements?

A  No - same as the States.

Q  Can I get a massage when I'm on Harbour Island?

  • Comfort Zone - Claudine Barry 333-3412 or 551-3628
  • Rachael Kelly - (will come to you) 333-3565 or 470-7104
  • Island Spa - also manicures & pedicures 333-3326 or 470-0670

Q - How about a workout to keep the extra dinner calories in check?

A - Pilates on the Beach by Anna 551-0061

Q  Are there beauty salons on the island?

  • Katinka's Personal Touch - 333-3233
  • Latoya's - 333-2243

Q  Where can I learn more about Eleuthera?

A  Visit our sister site for more information about Eleuthera Island. There's also a social link via this Eleuthera Facebook page and blog for Eleuthera.

Q  Medical facilities?

A  There is a clinic on the island:

Harbour Island
Ministry of Health Clinic:

Ambulance Service (emergencies):
Jason Thompson and Neville Sands, Governor's Harbour
242-332-3178 or 242-557-7006 (cell)

For serious emergency medical service; air ambulance service. If you have a "medical condition" that warrants special treatment, do your homework in advance. There are insurance companies, such as Travel Care and Travel Guard, who sell policies for air ambulance services. Read the fine print! Check your current insurance carrier for policies on reimbursement for emergency services.

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