Harbour Island

Harbour Island Trip Report

Every time I see it, I remember screaming my eyes out, not wanting to go to the hospital, and yet wanting my mother near me to take the pain in my head away, and put feeling back in my left arm and leg. When you're young, you think mothers can do miracles - and anything.

I never can forget the image of my father on the boat; he kept rubbing my arm and leg - probably while fervently praying for God to make those nerves come back to life. Booooooooooy, and who had the nerve to tell VANERIA (my mother), that something had happened to me?? That person has yet to be born. Surely, it was not my father.

Since that day, nearly twenty years ago, I have had the fear of anything beginning with the letter "B" that belonged on the sea. No-one could get me on a boat to save my life. So my friends gave up on inviting me on boat cruises of any sort whether they were for a good cause or not. I was never there. And I was not going.

To overcome this fear, I had to start off with a pretty big boat. So my first trip after this accident was on Carnival cruiseline's Imagination in 2000. What a vacation!! Albeit that I did get seasick halfway through the trip, the cruise was smooth and fantastic with cuisine to suit every palate and enough activities to take away my worries of being on a "boat." I've been dying to go on another Carnival cruise ever since.

However, I felt some trepidation prior to my inaugural voyage on a smaller vessel. Let's remember that I was in a "speedboat" at the time of my accident, so any boat that was moving fast, or moving period, was not the boat for me.

When Bahamas Ferries was launched several years ago as Bahamas "Fast" Ferries ...ummmm, this took my nerves a bit. An air-conditioned catamaran, with spacious seating - seat belts, a beautiful view of the ocean, and a decor of comfort unheard of in The Bahamas. But thanks to an assignment editor, I was there when the Bo Hengy made its inaugural trip to "nowhere" several years ago. I sat among other members of the media and dignitaries sipping apple cider and enjoying hors d'oeuvres all while tightly fastened to my seat, as bubbles of waves ran under the vessel. I literally forgot I should have been afraid, and before I knew it, I was back on land.

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