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Harbour Island and Eleuthera In Motion -- Produced by Bahamas Out Islands Promotion Board: Eleuthera & Harbour Island Video

Runaway Hill Spells Delicious -- Mix a delectable dinner with a yummy view of Harbour Island's beautiful beachfront and you get perfection...  Runaway Hill Inn Restaurant Review

Motor Boating Magazine -- “Pink Paradise - Harbour Island, famous for its pink sand beach, is one of the most laid back yet most sophisticated destinations in all of the Bahamas.”

The UK Independent -- “The best beach of all? Head for Harbour Island, or “Briland”, as the locals call it... So perfect is this three-mile stretch of sand that you won't see a single strand of seaweed encroaching on the fantasy, just pink-tinged powder shelving into opalescent turquoise.”

Caribbean Travel & Life Magazine -- “The Bahamas, among other Caribbean countries and luxurious locales, is on a list of “dreamy” and “romantic beaches”... Harbour Island is rated as having one of the most romantic beaches in the Bahamas.”

USA Today -- “The Bahamas is overloaded with perfect beaches, and this tiny isle just off much larger Eleuthera is one of its best. The sand really is pink - subtly, not shockingly...”

Harbour Island's Quiet Charms Seem Countless

“But none offer greater allure than the tiny island's wondrous stretch of pink sand beach...”  Harbour Island Charms

A Bahamian Isle Lets The World Rush By

“A very pleasing little place it is, encircled by beautiful coconut groves, and dreaming by the green water in an air of solitude and peace, which is very bewitching to one who is weary of the rush and giddy world of the 19th Century...”  The Finest Beach I Have Seen - Harbour Island Review

Pink Sands Beach -- The Best in the World

“Briland Sweet Eh!” by the Brilanders is a song that reflects the state of mind of any visitor, Bahamian or foreign to Harbour Island. The heavily charged and euphoric atmosphere coupled with the historical and natural beauty blends together to produce a social environment that has long been described as “sweetness...”  Pink Sands Hotel History

Nowhere is Hotter than Harbour Island

As it says in a handwritten scrawl up at Uncle Ralph's Aura Corner:“The last step before you get to Heaven is Harbour Island.”  Next Season's Chic Retreat - Harbour Island

Harbour Island trip - 'Fear over the Ferry'

“When I was 11-years-old, a freak boating accident left me paralyzed on my left side for over an hour, and that traumatic experience was immortalized by a small, almost unnoticeable indentation in the middle of my forehead...”  Harbour Island Trip Report



In The Pink on Harbour Island - Some have described their first sighting of the beaches of Harbour Island in the Bahamas in terms of a religious experience and that's not just because they're glad to have survived the six-seater flight that delivered them there...

A Passage To India
An interview with India Hicks about a new book written by her and her Mother, Pamela Mountbatten, called “India Remembered: A Personal Account of the Mountbattens During the Transfer of Power.”

The Vic-Hum Club - a Briland Landmark
Opened in 1955, the club is considered a museum and has hosted an impressive array of international celebrities over the years...

“Harbour Island, the number one, pink-sand, get-away destination could serve as an example to other Bahama Islands as a true leader would. When you consider the size of Harbour Island compared to 15 other islands in The Bahamas, and then some 40+ islands in the Caribbean, there is something going on in Harbour Island that could be a model for the rest of The Bahamas...”   Nassau Guardian


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