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“Briland Sweet Eh!” by the Brilanders is a song that reflects the state of mind of any visitor, Bahamian or foreign to Harbour Island. The heavily charged and euphoric atmosphere coupled with the historical and natural beauty blends together to produce a social environment that has long been described as “sweetness”. However, scores of years long before much of the Bahamas tourism was developed, Harbour Island's sweetness remained a well kept and guarded secret to by an exclusive and elite few. Such persons included royalty such as the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, the rich such as the Rockefellers and Aristotle Onasis, politicians such as presidential candidate Senator George McGovern of South Dakota and Mayor Lindsey of New York along with an endless list of other prominent and famous persons, it was realized that Harbour Island is indeed a special place on this earth.

During the late 1940's an electrical engineer from New Jersey, a man by the name of Allan Malcolm purchased his uncle's interest in a few cottages on Harbour Island's beach known as the Pink Sands Lodge and took the winter residency by the elite in the Bahamas to the next level. Undoubtedly, Allan Malcolm is the father of winter residence in the out-islands of the Bahamas. Without any challenge, history must award him that distinction.

Despite that deserved distinction, Alan Malcolm established and maintained a unique standard of excellence. Accommodations was by invitation only and extended usually only to CEOs or other outstanding persons and only after being recommended or screened by others along with the vigilant and scrutinizing eyes of Alan Malcolm. In fact, on more than one occasion, I have heard Allan Malcolm boast that after operating the Pink Sands for almost 40 years, he never had a problem with payment from any of his guest. With no television, radio, telephones or other amenities in the room, the only attraction was that spectacular, three-mile stretch of nature's wonder known as the Pink Sands Beach.

By the late 1990's after the devastating Hurricane Andrew, the Pink Sands was sold to recording mogul, Chris Blackwell. This was the age of the dot-com companies and "neveau riche" such as the Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey's in addition to the traditional rich made the Pink Sands Lodge one of the most outstanding resorts in its class in the world. With its now high-tech amenities and its Moroccan, Indian, and Balinese design, the Pink Sands is indeed in a league of its own. This is an accomplishment that I am especially proud of as the majority of my family over the years including my mother, father, uncle, aunts, cousins, etc all worked at the Pink Sands.

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