Runaway Hill Restaurant food.

Runaway Hill Inn Restaurant Review

Mix a delectable dinner with a dazzling view of Harbour Island's pink sand beaches and you get Wow!
by Rose Mary Joseph

On our recent annual trip to beautiful Harbour Island, my husband and I had dinner at Runaway Hill Inn, a boutique resort we had not visited in the past.

We made our initial visit to the property one afternoon and immediately regretted not checking it out during our prior visits to Harbour Island. Runaway Hill Inn arguably has the most beautiful view of the ocean on the island. As the name implies, the Inn sits on a bluff above the majestic waters of the Atlantic. Their deck and pool areas are perfect spots to look out at the gorgeous turquoise water and the pink sand beach below. However, don’t misinterpret the fact that they are on a hill, as it is an easy walk to their lovely spot on the beach.

The property is owned by Mark Messier. My guess is even those of you who are not hockey fans are more than likely familiar with that name. His sister, Jennifer, manages the eleven room establishment. Jennifer is a charming host, with an absolutely delightful personality perfectly suited for interaction with guests.

Dinner is served on their deck each evening. There are also tables located inside for those nights when the weather may not be the best for al fresco dining.

I don’t know whether it was planned or not, but the tables on the deck are set up in such a way to encourage conversation amongst the diners. The night we were there we had wonderful conversations with fellow diners at two other tables. Perry took their pictures, and we exchanged email addresses so he could forward the photos on to them after we returned home.

The only critique I might have regarding the outside deck is possibly a little more light would be in order, as once the sun went down it was a bit dark.

We began our meal with salads. Perry ordered the Classic Caesar Salad. He said it was the best Caesar Salad he has had on the island. Bits of bacon throughout were a perfect unexpected and flavorful addition. We commented to Jennifer on how good the salad was when she came by to check on us, and she said their French Canadian chef, Luc Castiloux, is a Caesar Salad guru. As we moved further into our meal, we discovered he is a guru with other dishes as well.

I very much enjoyed their house salad, the Runaway Salad, which was tossed with a sweet-yet-tangy honey balsamic dressing.

We each ordered a different “catch of the day” as our entrée. Perry had the seasoned red snapper with salsa. I had pepper encrusted tuna.

Perry thoroughly enjoyed his red snapper. It was a nice sized portion of well seasoned, flaky fish, with a refreshing fruit salsa on top. A vegetable medley and rice rounded out the dish very nicely.

They apparently just had a big tuna catch, so it was as fresh as fresh fish can be. And it was ...woo hoo!... spicy. If your palate is not meant to enjoy spice to some extent, you can still enjoy this perfectly cooked tuna in other ways. Either ask for less pepper, or request a sesame crusted version. Sesame and tuna are always a perfect combination, so you certainly couldn’t go wrong opting for that. As I mentioned before, the tuna was perfectly seared on the outside, with a beautiful rare finish, which is the only way to enjoy tuna when it’s that fresh. The wasabi on the side added even more zip if you chose…which I did. And continuing with the Asian theme, there was also a portion of pickled ginger on the plate. As with the red snapper, this dish came with vegetable medley and rice.

The presentation of both entrees was truly beautiful.

After dinner, Jennifer suggested two desserts for us to try. We didn’t have to be asked twice. One was peppered strawberries and the other a chocolate fondant.

Quite honestly, I didn’t know what to expect from “peppered” strawberries, but it’s not what you might be thinking. The pepper was not overwhelming in the dish at all. Plus the strawberries were served with vanilla ice cream.

The ice cream made this dessert so creamy and smooth, it was just extraordinary.

The chocolate fondant was chocolate heaven. The molten center was liquid chocolate-y goodness, and this decadent dessert was served with vanilla ice cream as well. Perfection!

When visiting Harbour Island, don’t make the same mistake we did the last few years, and miss out on dining at Runaway Hill Inn. We already know for any and all future trips to Harbour Island, we will be sure to do so. Our thanks to Jennifer and the staff for a wonderful evening!

Runaway Hill is located at Love Lane and Colebrooke Street. As with most restaurants on Harbour Island, reservations are recommended. Their phone number is 242-333-2150 or visit their website at Runaway Hill Inn.