Harbour Island Beachfront

Hotels Guide for Harbour Island 2024

The hotels and resorts on Harbour Island are simply some of the best in the Bahamas. Amenities vary and can include swimming pools, restaurants and bars, concierge services and more. Weddings are easily accommodated at most hotels. Whether you are planning a family vacation or a romantic Bahamas getaway, Harbour Island has what you want.

Harbour Island is a small island so it is easy to break down the locations of these places into 3 primary locations:

Hotels and resorts listed here can be found on our basic map and on our interactive satellite map of Harbour Island. If you are particular about location, the satellite map is definitely worth review.

Hotels that are not on or close to the pink sand beach usually have specific areas of the beach reserved exclusively for their guests. If you have a golf cart rental, or you prefer to walk, it just takes minutes to go from the west side to the beach.

There are some resorts and hotels on Eleuthera however none of these are within close proximity to Harbour Island and would require either expensive taxi rides or a car rental on Eleuthera plus a water taxi ride to go back and forth.

Beach Hotels - On/Close to Beach - East Shore

Runaway Hill - Harbour Island

Runaway Hill Inn

Historical 11 room beachfront mansion on Harbour Island originally built in the 1940s sits high on a hill of 13 lush tropical acres. Present owners have sought to maintain much of its original charm while adding sought-after comforts; Royal Trilogy Sealy Posturepedic beds with fine white linens, L'Occitane amenities, reverse osmosis water purification system. A wonderful reprieve from hectic life.  242-333-2150

The Dunmore Beach Hotel, Harbour Island.

The Dunmore

The Dunmore has been a beloved Bahamian destination, offering guests a unique blend of old-world charm, intimacy and privacy. The property's stunning pink sand beach have been enjoyed by visitors for decades. Newly renovated cottages continue to uphold the legacy of this timeless retreat. With an atmosphere that feels like a private club, The Dunmore is the perfect place to escape.  242-333-2200  Toll Free (877) 891- 3100

Coral Sands Hotel - Perched on a bluff overlooking the turquoise Atlantic Ocean in the Bahamas, Coral Sands Hotel is a divine luxury resort situated oceanfront in the heart of serene Harbour Island, just off of North Eleuthera.
Tel: 242-333-2350  800-468-2799  888-568-5493

Oceanview Club - The Ocean View Club is a small and charming family run hotel. 5 cabins which includes tent cottages and three beach shacks and 7 rooms which vary in size - suites, ocean view rooms and small kids rooms.
Tel: 242-333-2200  877-891-3100  E-mail: reserve.oceanview@gmail.com

Bay Hotels - Downtown Dunmore - Bay Street - West Shore

Rock House Hotel - Harbour Island

Rock House Harbour Island

Dreaming of an island getaway that offers a perfect blend of luxury, relaxation, and adventure? Look no further than this stunning boutique hotel. From the moment you arrive, you will be swept away by the beauty of the island and the impeccable service at Rock House. Whether lounging by the pool, savoring delicious cuisine, or playing on the beach, every moment is unforgettable.
Tel: 305-433-2024  242-333-2053

The Landing - Classy, historical and elegant describes this boutique hotel overlooking the bay in Dunmore Town. Designed by India Hicks, this popular establishment features twelve rooms including a fabulous honeymoon suite overlooking the gardens and bay.
Tel: 242-333-2707  242-333-2740  E-mail: thelanding@coralwave.com

Valentines Resort Valentines Resort and Marina is legendary. When you think 'Briland', you think Valentines. It's a true upscale resort that attracts people of true taste and a love for life from all over the world. Boating and diving enthusiasts, yacht owners and families with a flair for the finer things in life... all find their way to Valentines.  242-333-2142  866-389-6864

Romora Bay - Located on the sunny, protected bay side of Harbour Island where each Sunset is a unique experience of beauty in the Caribbean. The hotel boasts all ocean view rooms, updated décor, private patios and balconies, and the friendliest staff on the island!
Tel: 242-333-2325  800-688-0425

Interior Hotels - Mainland Harbour Island

Bahama House Inn - A luxurious boutique hotel, the Bahama House is located in Dunmore Town and offers a personalized experience for your stay on Harbour Island. This impeccable property features eleven richly appointed luxury suites, freshwater lap pool, tiki bar and an island style beyond your expectations.
Tel: 800-903-7761  970-237-5985

Royal Palm Hotel - Royal Palm Hotel welcomes guests to spacious, cozy, colorful rooms with air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, and cable television.
Tel: 242-333-2738  E-mail: info@royalpalmhotel.com

Tingum Village Hotel - Tingum Village is on the town’s south end and a short walk from Harbour Island’s famous pink-sand beach.
Tel: 242-333-2161