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Traveling to Harbour Island Bahamas is usually done by flying either commercial airlines or air charter flights into North Eleuthera Airport (ELH) from:

  • Miami, Florida (MIA) - American Airlines
  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida (FLL) - Silver Airways, Fly Aztec
  • Atlanta, Georgia (ATL) - Delta Airlines
  • Charlotte, North Carolina (CLT) - American Airlines
  • Nassau, Bahamas (NAS) - Southern Air Charters, Bahamas Air, Pineapple Air

Airline telephone numbers and websites.

You can also take "Bahamas Ferries" from Nassau to Spanish Wells, Eleuthera to Harbour Island.

Once on Eleuthera, it is quick and easy to get to Harbour Island. A 10 minute cab ride from the airport to the boat dock is $5 per person ($10 if just one person), followed by a five to ten minute "water taxi" ride, $5 per person. Land and water taxis are always available during the day. Water taxis are available up to 9pm.

For international flights, airlines ask that all passengers check in two hours before their flight as the flight can arrive early or close early -- do not risk losing your seat. North Eleuthera airport is now upgraded with a security check point.

North Eleuthera Airport

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Most airline trips are uneventful. However, you can take steps to reduce even further your chances of encountering problems with the airlines. Here is some advice for defensive flying.

When engaging an air charter service to Eleuthera, or any of the islands in the Bahamas, consider there are some unlicensed charter air services in operation.

Here is the FAA Consumer's Guide to Air Charter Flights - Chartering An Aircraft.

Facts for Air Travelers - Coping With Flight Delays

TSA - What you can bring through US security check point.

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Today's Arrivals and Departures for North Eleuthera, Bahamas

Today's Arrivals and Departures for Nassau, Bahamas (NAS)

Airlines Servicing North Eleuthera Airport (ELH)

The following listings for commercial airlines and charter air services that serve Eleuthera are purely informational and should not be construed as endorsements.

American Airlines - 800-433-7300
Scheduled daily flight from Miami (MIA) and Charlotte (CLT) to North Eleuthera airport (ELH).

Delta Air - 800-455-2720a
Delta air offers service to North Eleuthera Bahamas from Atlanta, Georgia (ATL).

Silver Airways - US: 801-401-9100 Bahamas: 844-674-5837
Scheduled air flights, one to two to four depending on the day, from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (FLL) to North Eleuthera airport (ELH) and Governor's Harbour airport (GHB).

Fly Aztec - US: 844-359-2982
Flights from Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport to North Eleuthera airport (ELH) and Governor's Harbour airport (GHB).

Southern Air Charters - Bahamas: 242-323-7217 or 242-323-6833.

Bahamas Air - US: 800-222-4262 Bahamas: 242-702-4140
Flights from Nassau (NAS) to North Eleuthera airport (ELH), Governor's Harbour airport (GHB) and Rock Sound airport (RSD).

Pineapple Air - Bahamas: 242-328-1329  242-323-2420  242-225-1044
Three flights daily from Nassau to North Eleuthera airport (ELH), Governor's Harbour airport (GHB) and Rock Sound airport (RSD).